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Corporate Passages...

"Floribbean"...Beach, Poolside, & Tropical Themes!

It's become my full time job...I've helped create the "Tropical Theme" for a multitude of "Fortune 500" corporate special events around Marco Island and SW Florida. A hundred beach gigs a year for almost 15 years, and there's always a client at the 1st table front row who asks "Where do I sign up for a job like this?"

Locations: Every major SW Florida luxury resort...includingMarco Beach Ocean Resort,Marco Beach Hilton,Naples Grande Resort,Naples Ritz Carlton,Marriott's Marco Island Resort, all the variousSouth Seas Plantation Properties,Sanibel Harbor Resort...etc.

Influences: Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Harry Belafonte, Beach well as Carlos Jobim, Earl Klugh, Ottmar Liebert, Michael Utley, & Jean Luc Ponty.

Destination Advisors and Entertainment Buyersplease check outHappy Listener Reference, orIsland Songlistand of course,Beautiful Letters of Recommendation.

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"CAXAMBAS"……. Fast and Furious


Trimaran "Bluewater" is refitted and proudly sailing the it's time to sail the new "Bluewater Cruise" CD into open waters as well...

So the band "Caxambas" is born!

These are the guys I've worked with on several projects and many years. Alex Antonelli and John Burgess can catch any of my extemporaneous changes that come about on stage. It's often said "jazz" is when the craziest mistakes come out sounding great...when it's showtime these guys are pro!

"Caxambas" originally refered to the fresh water springs used by early Spanish explorers on Marco Island to stock supplies for further voyages. We drink freely from that fountain and share it in the spontaneity of our music...

To be able for me to play more tropical violin and mandolin, "Caxambas" has invited Michael Oakland, the best samba guitarist singer in SW Florida!

Dynamic! Interactive! Explosive!are some of the superlatives I use to describe our sound...we do everything from "Smooth Bossa" to "Jumping Soca" with a lot of "Reggae Calypso" jammin' in-between!

"Bluewater Cruise" is "Smooth jazz...for a smooth sail!" I hope you enjoy the mp.3 sound downloads available


Florida, Marco Island Style


Marco Island, Florida has a great community spirit...and the cooperation among island entertainers is incredible. We have annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies, 4th of July and Easter Beach Celebrations. My favorite charities include Marco Island YMCA, "Wishing Well" Foundation, Hospice, and Via Calorie/Naples Home for Abuse
We've also played for the Goodland Boat Parade...crazy nights at the Little Bar...and had wonderful times at the Florida Folk Festival!

Oh, and here's a great News articleWildflowers

Most of all, we're Good Neighbors simply making Good Music!

William Hughes 2012