Welcome to Flamingo Estates Communications Center.

A Family oriented living community, Flamingo Estates, is a Deed Restricted

Community. This is described in the charter of this Planned Urban Development. These restrictions are for our mutual protection as to the standards by which we live. It is important for all to respect these regulations.

To review Deed Restrictions SEE DEED RESTRICTIONS

Thank You!

The Board of Directors

Jim Lindsey     President       784 -7620       jameslindsey10@comcast.net

Ginny Nolan,  Sec.             643-0225

Harry Huber,   Treasurer     919-2375

Kim Guiliano,   Vice Pres.   649-1460 

Marlee Thome                     643-2028

William Hughes                   435-3923

Frank Duggan                     734-0397

Andrew Giddings