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  • Rev up the engine and get ready to explore the Florida Everglades aboard Corey Billie's Airboat Rides! Climb aboard our well maintained, state of the art airboats for an up-close Everglades airboat swamp tour adventure that only a few have been able to experience. Until now! Our experienced airboat tour guides will take you deep into our 200-acre preserve to see exotic tropical wildlife and plant life, rare species of birds and oh yes, alligators! During your Everglades day tour we'll glide effortlessly through both waterways and marshlands, down paths and around ponds, where you get the chance to observe a slice of nature that most people only see in pictures or on TV. The pristine beauty of the Everglades is yours to behold, aboard Corey Billie Airboat rides!

  • Search Everglade tour reviews and see first hand what sets Corey Billie Airboat Rides apart from others. We actually own the reserve, all 200 acres of it! Within this wide swath of the Everglades preserve, we can explore wherever we want. Florida Everglades tourism paths are rarely predetermined; instead our experienced guides know just where to go to spot the exotic tropical wildlife and plant life unique to this area. During your Naples, Florida airboat ride, enjoy serene, quiet beauty deep in the heart of our preserve where the only interruption is when we rev up the motor and open it up for some fast-paced fun in pond areas. But don't worry; nothing is disturbed, just nature's solitude that returns moments later.

  • You can find out more aboutCorey Billie's Airboat Rides, seepictures, make areservationand discover links to Everglades and Seminole information right here. Then head out on scenic US41 East (a 15 minute drive from Naples) to Corey Billie's Airboat Rides and experience the Everglades on a boat ride you won't soon forget!

  • DIRECTIONSWe're the closest airboat facility to Naples, just a scenic 15-minute drive on US41 East. You can't miss the sign at the entrance on the right-hand side of the road

  • A brief history of the airboat An airboat is a flat-bottomed vessel propelled in a forward direction by an aircraft-type propeller and powered by either an aircraft or automotive engine. Airboats are a very popular means of transportation in the Florida Everglades and Louisiana Bayou, where they are used for fishing, bowfishing, hunting and eco-tourism.

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